Useful Wreckers

Why not destroy cybersquatting and how to protect your sites from unscrupulous “businessmen”, said Pavel Shvabauer, expert of Arsenal-D, specializing in the domain registration in the UZ zone and creating websites.

— Should we in general to fight and prevent cybersquatting in Uzbekistan?

I think cybersquatting will develop, in spite of attempts to forbid or restrict. Moreover, I believe that the various restrictions and obstacles hamper the development of the domain zone as a whole only. The main recommendation is to protect your business from external threats. To do this, at least to record and maintain appropriate trademarks and domain names.

How, in your view, attractive the domains UZ zone for squatters?

About the domain zone UZ know too little abroad. Its integration with international systems is not high. Foreigners are not aware of the presence the free domain of their brand or product, they do not register. The result is that often promoted domains registered by squatters. Of course there are companies and individuals who register domains dozens. However, their number is small. A simple example. If you go to the site administration UZ zone and try to check the availability of such domains as, most of these domain names will be employed, and are not representative of the trademark of service.

Have customers with complaints about squatting?

Handle, of course. And all start blaming unknown cyber squatters. Almost 100% of the request come from companies, which have lost a domain of their own negligence. It is necessary to conduct regular small investigation to show evidence to prove that the client himself lost domain and no one is to blame.

Some countries are tolerant to cybersquatting, and other one are treated as fraud. What is your opinion on this?

I would not be regarded as a negative phenomenon of cybersquatting. If the forest is not the wolves, the forest will “ill”. Squatters and the risk of losing the domain owner forced to pay more attention to its presence on the Internet and to their intellectual property. In my opinion, cybersquatting is not a fraud, as well as domeyning. Of course, it is not necessary to encourage, but also in an aggressive fight, there is no need. The market and the Internet itself are already quite complete system of checks and balances.