Dozen of question for leading web-studio (author: Tim Gazeev)

1. Tell us about yourself. What are you doing, what are you going to do and what have you already done? (I have looked through you corporate site)

The history of «Arsenal D» has begun from 2004. At the beginning of a career path there was a Word that said where is necessary. Lucky beggars.
East Telecom CoLtd created a structural division named ColorIT Design in 2004 that provided full spectrum of access services to Internet, worked out web-sites and registered domain names in UZ zone.
ColorIT Design redirected all its technical and intellectual abilities to introduce the entire spectrum of the telecommunication on wireless access technology of WiMAX in 2006. The company was renamed to Max Line which appeared due to the reorganization of the company.

«ColorIT Design» was reregistered and actively got the leading position in advertisement industry of Uzbekistan in 2006, renaming itself to «ColorIT Design Inc».
In 2006, «Max Line» was one of the main founders of Arsenal D, working out web-sites and registration of domain name. Arsenal D became a legal representative of all contracts concerning creation of web sites, working out various categories of programs and registration of domains in the Uz zone, done by ColorIT Design and Max Line.
East Telecom CoLtd – first operator of new generation.
Max Line – first operator of wireless access.
ColorIT Design Inc. – first operator of light-emitting diode advertisement.
If to continue logical chain, Arsenal D is the fist …

We don’t decide on what Arsenal D is first, but it decides the history. When one doesn’t know, what will be deficit tomorrow, that is why one needs to take everything from life. Everything, what one can take. This way, it is easy to be first and it is interesting to live, if great works are waiting for you, you need to be polite and not make them wait for you.

Nowadays we don’t pretend that we are working – if the right to work is won, it is possible to have a rest.
Actually we sweat like «the slaves at a galley» (a copyright of VVP). Already having borrowed «a place under the sun», we plan to locate on this place and «to be fixed at height» for an embodiment of the creative ambitions. Thus the general tasks are «not to overheat» and not « to get a swelled head».
The main point, in this life is not where we stand, but in what direction we move.
O. Holms

2. Magnum opus, we have done it and we are proud of it (a link to your best work)

It is impossible to say. It is one thing for designers, for technicians is another, the content-managers are pleased with the third thing, but «financiers» speak about work with the highest parameter of financial feedback. In half a year the priorities will exchange again, in fact new works are performed, the skills are perfected, the inspiration comes, and one looks at former works with nostalgia.
We consider that creation of web-sites is like the art of various technologies, techniques and design weaved together, has one principle - a principle of achievement the highest condition. If someone has reached this condition, it is time to withdraw.
3. How do you estimate the scale of outsourcing at our domestic industry of web-development?

We can not estimate the scales, somehow it was not necessary. The prospects could prompt, we have a lot of talents, but in fact it is not a question. 4. Do freelancers and studios bother each other? Do you have an example for successful working experience with them?

We don’t think like this. We think, there is no difference between «freelancer» and «studio», there is difference on mastership. The main thing is for both to go on road of «virtual single combat» (we consider more important the organization of annual Internet-festivals of national domain UZ as a creation of favorable circumstances for these kinds of competitions). These competitions help us to open our weaknesses and lacks and conduct on a way of self-knowledge and self-improvement.
We do not have an example of collaboration in our practice. We get in touch neither with freelancers nor with studios, to clarify, whose kung fu is better.
5. Why PHP & MySQL?

It is affordable and wide used. By the way, we use MySQL not in all our web-sites like a database, most of them works on PostgreSQL.
Although, it is possible on С++, the most important thing, that we do not have problem with hosting and the site would be correspondent for the used technology.
6. The most popular word nowadays – «project». The second popular word – «manager». Tell us what you think about two combined words «project manager» and something about MS Project, UML and other business-process, means, people and tools.

We are sorry about feelings of the readers of this article. We think, if he is not our competitor, he is surely not interesting on it. We hold the opinion that if the flies die from lecture, it is better to read it in a canteen.
7. Yes, I know that Zaparozh and Mercedes are cars. However, they differ in price. Anyway, why do web-studios not like to place a simple section about «Price-list», where they show how much do «Zaporozh», «Mercedes» va « Zaporozh with zaporoj with tuning» cost?

We did it, created unusual section.
We have given information in detail to the potential customer the reason of absence of price-lists in the tariffs section.
First of all creation of a site is a creative process, and after this it is technical.
For example, if 3x4 the photograph is necessary for documents for you, any the slightest equipped photographic studio will make it for you in an hour, and it will cost you a maximum in 1,5 dollars, and the professional studio will refuse this work. Why? Because the professional studio will consider an essence of the order at first. And if it undertakes its creative realization, he will offer you the services of a photograph, working on the studio equipment, in a place specially equipped for it, in a specially time for you, and a lot of specials, professional and high quality things. This pleasure will cost 2000 euro for one photo.

We produce in our workshop not simple but golden spoons and they are expensive even after a lunch time.

8. Where and when can be ready CMS used?

There is own opinion of every web-master for this question. We do not use ready CMS while working out a site. We use our own design. Though it is necessary to admit, that we do not try to invent a bicycle - often we use logic of ready Open-Source products to apply on own «cursor». For this purpose in our laboratory there are experiences above ready, experimental CMS, often with sad result for them.
9. What do you think about typography, multi browser HTML coding, correct HTML, coding and other things?

Everything is important on its limit. These are standards, it is necessary to aspire to them, but the admissible level of deviations is comprehensible.
10. Do you have «incubator» for your specialist? What kind of system demands one should have to be there?
No, we don’t produce «incubator». Also we do not teach them to fly.

What system requirements are needed to work in out studio? There are a lot, who gets wings, however there is few winged. If you are capable to fly during non-flying weather, you are welcome, send us the resume.

11. What is your charisma? Why are you special?

We shall not enhance our reputation, in fact we always try on conscience and we shall not stint.
Highlights and peculiarities are presented our site, a charisma is shown in our daily dialogue with clients, partners and competitors.
12. What would you ask from me, if I were a magician?

From all team of Arsenal D

Dear Magician!
If you can, please, make all readers of InfoCom.UZ happy and rich!
If you have a spare time, make solid clients come to our company who conclude with us contracts, without bargaining.
You are a Magician, you can do it and we believe you, at least find out something.
By the way! Tastes vary, bad taste - never. Solve this dilemma for our potential clients in a positive way. You know, how at times it gets? Once again, we ask – to make all happier and richer.
Do not forget about solid clients.
Arsenal D team

At a steering wheel. Senior aide. Navigator. Art director. Copywriter. Encoder.