New Year Blitz- interview from Arsenal D company ( author: infoCOM.UZ)

Historical reference
Arsenal D was created in 2004 known as ColorIT Design, as a structural subdivision of East Telecom. ColorIT Design provided the services of access to the Internet Network, hosting, creating web-sites and registration of domain names at the second level.

In 2006 there were created the following companies on the basis of the company after the reorganization and restructuring of ColorIT Design:
• Arsenal D Web-studio and registrar of domain names
• ColorIT Design Inc. advertising agency of full spectrum
• Max Line wireless communication operator

During 2005-2006 «Arsenal D», being a partner of «Uzinfocom» Center, took part in realization of UzRec RP № 117 on 08.07.05. «About additional measures for further development of information resources of Uzbekistan», and realization of program on formatting National Information Search System on Internet.

To the joint worked out projects belong pilot projects of Department of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade and the Agriculture Ministry.

Arsenal D worked out web-sites for East Telecom, CEMC telecommunication operators, Next Gen. Services telecommunication network services company, «Aloqainvest Qurilish» planning and building company, «Ijod» restoration of old memorials company, Unisoft automation of accounting and records management company, Triple Play services and video telephony, «Oriental Desktop» projects and others during 2007.

Arsenal D, within the bounds of the Internet-festival 2007 of the national domain, led the action for the first time, among the other official registrars of national domain UZ, awarding 16 winners who took the first places on all nominations of festival with the certificate, giving the right to register a domain name for free-of-charge in zone UZ for the period of one year. The given certificate allowed prize-winners of festival to register a free domain name for free of charge or to prolong registration of existing domain name.

Successfully realizing the action within the bounds of the Internet-festival 2007, Arsenal D was the first who supported and joined to an announcement of the action «Your name in .UZ» of UZINFOCOM SUE Center. The purpose of the action, from November 1st till December 31st, was a creation of concessionary terms to register the domain names in the national domain .UZ for physical people - residents of Republic Uzbekistan. The citizens of Uzbekistan had opportunity to register one domain name for 9$.

One of the priority directions of future is keeping a brand of a company as a registrar, offering the lowest prices for domain names.

Arsenal D is planning to broaden the nomenclature of offered telecommunication services, mastering a rank of new technologies and developing new program products in 2008. The company is planning to offer hosting service for affordable prices in the future. Nowadays there are working out the technical and commercial terms of this service.

The company is planning to organize the new actions in order to involve potential clients of the domain names in the Uz zone and increasing the popularity of Uznet, placing new, attractive sites like
The staff of Arsenal D congratulates its customers, partners, competitors and citizens of our country with New 2008 year and wishes all the best!