Vibiray, #4 «ARSENAL D»: 3 in 1

In the file of «Arsenal D», you do not find such expressions:


« young, dynamic and high professional company and etc»
«final decisions from working out the website till… for the small and average, corporate business»
«high specialized professionals on the field of …»
« integrated services, in a short period, guaranteed quality, business demand, understanding the business process of the customers deeply»
«optimization under the short periods and recourses»
«effective decision taking into the consideration the peculiarity of the customers activities»
« exclusive, individual access to every customer and project»

However, the decision is not done by words but on done business…
Company history

In 2004, «East Telecom» JV created structural subdivision khown «ColorIT Design» that includes in it, services such as entire spectrum access service to Internet Network, creating web-sites and registration Uz-zone domains of the second level and took part on the realization of «East Telecom» telecommunication services.

In 2006, «ColorIT Design» with the aim of taking the more beneficial position on the telecommunication market and after solving the number of organizational questions, redirected all its technical and intellectual abilities to introduce the entire spectrum of the telecommunication on wireless access technology of WiMAX. Appeared due to the reorganization of the company, being the owner of the licenses on exploitation and serving «ColorIT Design»’s data communication network services, agreeable the company was renamed to «Max Line» and became the first Wireless Network Operator in Uzbekistan.

At the same time «ColorIT Design» was reregistering and actively got the leading position in advertisement industry of Uzbekistan, renaming itself to «ColorIT Design Inc».

In 2006, «Max Line» was the main founder and organized new company – «Arsenal D». «Arsenal D» became a legal representative of all contracts concerning creation of web sites, working out various categories of programs and registation of domains in the Uz zone, done by «ColorIT Design» and «Max Line». The employees of «ColorIT Design» and «Max Line» working on this field, nowadays are the employees of «Arsenal D».

«Arsenal D» today
The main activities of «Arsenal D» are to work out the web-sites, software development of various categories and registration of domain name in UZ. zone of the second level. After deciding the necessary requirements, the design of a web site will be offered to the customer in three various variants. Besides, «Arsenal D» works out your corporate identity including in it: logotype, business card and letterhead. It does not cost extra money.
«Arsenal D», being a partner of «Uzinfocom» Center, takes part in realization of UzRec RP № 117 on 08.07.05. «About additional measures for further development of information resources of Uzbekistan», and realization of program on formatting National Information Search System on Internet, placing in it informational resources for general use with the aim of integrating in a world informational community.
To the joint worked out projects belong pilot projects of Department of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade, the Agriculture Ministry, the Ministry of Sport and Culture, State Committee on land resources of geodesy and cartography, State cadastre of UZPIA and others.
The commercial projects are the portals and sites of «East Telecom» CoLtd, Centre of electromagnetic compatibility, «East Well», «Next Gen Service» CoLtd, «Max Line» CoLtd and others.
«Arsenal D» is one of the sixth official registrars of domain names in .UZ zone, owning authority to register new domain names and prolong the date of activation of existent domain names in UZ zone. The company offers a registration of domain names for reasonable prices and takes part in actions to develop the resources in Uz zone.
«Arsenal D» rewarded with the Certificates16 winners at the Internet festival, giving a right for free of charge registration of free domain names on the second level of Uz zone for one year.
Nowadays the company takes part in the action from UZINFOCOM «Your name at.UZ», that is organized till the December 31. The purpose of the action - creation of concessionary terms to register the domain names in the national domain .UZ physical persons - residents of Republic Uzbekistan, giving the opportunity to register one domain name for cleanly symbolical payment for each participant of the action The services are licensed.
Partners of «Arsenal D»

СП «East Telecom», Provides the customers with modern telecommunication services including in it telephony, video telephony, video conference, data communications, VPN, intellectual communication network, high-speed connection to the Internet.

«UZINFOCOM» Computerization and IT Developing Center and a structural division of the Communication and Information Agency of Uzbekistan.

«Color IT Design Inc», Provides the development of advertisement services with the help of modern technology, creating powerful technical basis, extending spectrum of services and raising the service quality for customers.